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Clinton Delma Cowart II was born on November 17, 1970. 


Clinton Cowart is the son of the late local musician, pool builder, ARCA, and NASCAR driver Delma Cowart (1941-2021) of Savannah, Georgia. and the late Dale Brown Cowart Miller (1942-2005), a dancer, and bank teller also of Savannah, Georgia. Mr. Cowart is a Savannah native, who was born Handicapped (Pre-Existing Condition), with multiple physical congenital conditions. He spent the first five years of his life in isolation in and out of children’s clinics and hospitals. 

He persevered past all of these challenges, only to discover that in the eyes of many his abilities didn’t matter. People sometimes judge a book by its cover and that is what the public school board system of 1975 did. In the early 1970s, all children with pre-existing conditions (handicapped) or post-conditions (disabled) were lumped together in such a way that they weren’t seen or acknowledged as citizens. Outraged by this injustice, Cowart led protests for equal treatment as well as an equal opportunity at academic instruction which incited the retaliation of the Chatham County Board of Education as well as encouraging his fellow Handicapped and Disabled classmates to demand equal scholastic opportunities. Cowart quickly made a name for himself as a troublemaker whose advocacy could inspire others. Realizing that his voice was being suppressed, Cowart proceeded with legal action to gain an opportunity at attending a regular classroom. Unfortunately, Mr. Cowart was punished for his hubris and subsequently banned from all public schools, and shunned by all private schools in the country. Mr. Cowart fought continuously to regain access to education, and won a decades-long long battle against the Chatham County Board of Education so that he could obtain the same level of education that most of us take for granted. With the assistance of a tutor, in just three months Cowart mastered the skills he would need to ace the school system placement test, which would have put him just two years behind his peers, only to be placed three grades behind, by the school board. Regardless of these challenges, Cowart was victorious and graduated from Sol C. Johnson High School in 1991. In that same year 1991, he was awarded the William C. Harris scholarship for a graduating senior with Handicaps.

Cowart arose from these obstacles and went on to earn a Liberal Arts degree from Armstrong State University in Savannah, Georgia while also serving on the student government, giving a voice to the students with Disabilities or Handicaps on campus. Cowart also holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia Southern University in Statesboro, Georgia, and a Masters's degree in Human Resources from Webster University. As a result of his early struggles, Mr. Cowart has a strong appreciation for education and wants to ensure that all students in Georgia receive the best education possible.

Cowart became intrigued by employment law and had a passion for championing equal opportunity in the workforce. After college, Mr. Cowart decided that he could achieve more as an outsider for employers and employees alike. So in 2008, Mr. Cowart took the plunge by creating Cowart Consulting, Clinton Cowart strives to help organizations reach their full potential by creating a positive, productive work environment through management and human resource consulting, motivational speaking, career management, creating detailed employee handbooks, and managerial handbooks for day-to-day operations and utilizing examples from his own life to inspire enthusiasm in others. Mr. Cowart worked in the hospitality industry as HR Director for MSG Staffing Agency for two years before entering politics in 2021. This unique work experience gives Mr. Cowart insight into the economics of the hotel/motel, resort, and tourism of Georgia. Therefore, the financial stability of the employees who are dependent on the hospitality industry is a priority of Mr. Cowart. 

In addition to consulting, Mr. Cowart has over 9 years of professional experience in computer information systems and computer information technology. Possessing a logical, analytical, no-nonsense delivery, Mr. Cowart speaks to employees as well as managers about how to excel as a manager/supervisor, deliver superior Customer Service, truly enjoy their jobs, promote open inter-office relations, and find solutions that are second to none. Examples include a training and development seminar for Structures Unlimited.

Mr. Cowart has worked as an HR Consultant for a diverse clientele that consists of both employees and employers. He has written employee handbooks for organizations such as The Wormhole Venue and ~Coach Wayne! Gymnastics, creating and documenting their policies and procedures for the workplace environment. Mr. Cowart has experience writing letters of contractual obligation, letters of termination, and letters of recommendation. He has also written letters of grievance, protest, and appeal for clients, guiding and assisting them through the appeal process.

Mr. Cowart has won ribbons in Toastmasters International, has been a member of the National Society of Human Resources Management (SHRM), and the Savannah chapter, where he served as the Vice President of Electronic Communications and Social Media, and also the Statesboro chapter, where he served as the Director of Technology. 


Mr. Cowart has raised money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital and the Shriners children's hospitals with the local Alee Temple of the Shrine for thirteen years. Mr. Cowart most enjoys using his education, skills, and life experiences to help others achieve their personal and professional goals. He has also pursued his 

other life-long passion, acting, locally since 1980.

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